Mixed Media Art

Theresa’s mixed media works are affixed to reclaimed wood blocks, gessoed panels, or fine art boards. Each image offers a whimsical composition inspired by the shapes, patterns, and cycles of the natural world. Theresa’s pieces begin with the production of original papers that she creates through additive monoprinting. Using the forms, patterns, and other unique aspects that unfold through the printing process as a base, Theresa then layers a variety of found materials and ephemera to uncover the final composition. Each piece is its own, one-of-a-kind image that serves as a sort of visual meditation, inviting the viewer into a place of peace, repose, or pleasant imagining. Like her digital collage work, Theresa’s mixed media process is intuitive and flexible.

Availability & Pricing
Pieces are available directly from the artist, or at small regional events and pop up shows.

For inquiries about pricing, freelance or custom pieces, feel free to reach out.

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Above the Nest

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Mixed media collage print framed in 15.5 x 12.5 inch black frame with interior white mat.