“This is one of those classes I’m going to tell my kids about because I’m going to remember it forever. It was that important to my overall mindset about the media landscape and everything we consume in life. I’m so aware now. My eyes have been opened, and yet there’s still so much left to learn and discuss and digest.”
— Media Literacy Student, Spring 2018

As faculty at Appalachian State University, Theresa has taught over ten unique courses in face-to-face and online formats across multiple program areas, including undergraduate and graduate programs in Media Studies, Teacher Education, and General Education.

Common among her many course responsibilities is an emphasis on preparing students to analyze and evaluate media as ideological and socio-cultural phenomena that continually alter the structures of communications, literacy, and expression. Theresa’s students vary in age, interest, and occupation— from communications and media studies students to pre-service and current classroom teachers and leaders. In her teaching, she strives to design critical and creative learning experiences that respond to her students’ interests and to the changing nature of literacy, fluency, and communications in the digital world.

Photo courtesy of Appalachian Media Production Team

First Year Seminar
Media Studies Minor
Teacher Education Core (Multiple majors, BS)
Middle Grades Education (BS)
Educational Media/Instructional Technology Master’s Degree and Certificate (MA)
Post-Master’s Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology Leadership
Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

Selected Courses 
UCO 1200: Media Literacy and the Environment
CI 2300: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age
RE 3070: Media for Young People
CI 4830: Media Literacy
CI 4740: Photography and Digital Imaging
CI 5630: Instructional Technology
CI 5636: Emerging Issues and Trends in Media and Technology
CI 5845: Global Perspectives in Media and Technology
CI 5921: Instructional Design
CI 6050: Critical Perspectives and Research in New Media Literacies