Welcome to the selected workshops and professional development catalog. Contact Theresa for information about how to modify selected offerings for your needs or plan a custom training.  

Sketchnotes is a visual note-taking or graphic recording process that facilitates learning for all ages and topics— including adults. Learn about the concept of sketchnotes, including the learning theory that makes it work, and how to incorporate this strategy into your teaching, team-building, project, and more. Book today!

Media Integration Strategies for the Classroom
With a wealth of media and technology available online for use in K-12 classrooms and university settings, many educators find themselves overwhelmed. This workshop will introduce you to selection processes for choosing and using media and tech for your classroom, emphasizing active learning strategies for the most effective integration. Connect with Theresa!

Media Production for Teachers, Academics, and Other Professionals
Looking to develop your professional presence online? Media production is not just for students! Teachers, Higher Education Faculty, and working professionals of all kinds will benefit from learning how to create, organize, and feature their skills and expertise online. Schedule this workshop to build skills in media making, moving from concept to design.

Visual Journaling
Visual Journaling is a flexible process that can be incorporated into teaching, learning, and professional development of all kinds—including with youth and adults. Use visual journaling to build your professional practice, augment your classroom strategies, or facilitate team-building with your staff. No art skills or training required! Book your visual journaling workshop today!

Digital Storytelling
Stories have the potential to connect, immerse, inspire, and more. But you might be asking, how do I get started with digital storytelling in my classroom or job? In this workshop, you’ll build an inventory of digital story-telling strategies and brainstorm ways to meet your curricular objectives through the art of story.

Introduction to Media Literacy
Media literacy is not only a subject of study, but also a way of teaching that facilitates critical and creative engagement in a number of timely topics related to communications, news, society, and culture. This introductory workshop offers the what and how of media literacy practice and pedagogy for educators of all levels seeking to update their teaching repertoire and address contemporary topics.

Arts-based Engagement for 21st Century Professionals and Learning
You don’t have to be an artist to incorporate arts-based learning for your team or classroom. In this workshop, you’ll access the learning sciences behind arts-based learning and craft your own catalogue of arts-based approaches that fit your professional content or classroom.

Media Production for the Classroom
Media making is not only accessible for educators of all levels, but also empowering for teachers and students alike. Learn how to incorporate production into your classroom— from visuals to videos— and why it is so invigorating.