Theresa is an award-winning teacher, widely-published scholar, and creative maker. She brings a unique blend of credentials and the inquisitive spirit of media literacy to all she does.

Theresa is a teacher, scholar, and maker based in the mountains of western North Carolina. Her primary role is Associate Professor at Appalachian State University. Her areas of specialization include digital and media literacy, curriculum design, educational technology integration, and the arts.

Beyond Appalachia, Theresa is active in the field of media literacy nationally, engaging in scholarship and leadership to advance understandings of the complex intersections between communications, media, and literacy across multiple contexts.

Before teaching in university, Theresa was a middle and high school visual arts teacher. In her art classroom, she incorporated learning and doing in the arts using a communications lens as often as possible. Her classroom was an early example of a media literacy infused curriculum.

A teacher and scholar by day, Theresa is also a maker who creates using a range of mixed media. Inspired by her research in arts-based methods and remix, Theresa’s creative works comprise a focus on making as a mindfulness practice and contemporary literacy act. Along with her own art-making, she teaches Visual Journaling for Craft Enrichment, a university-coordinated community craft program.