Squiggle line

The idea for this journaling spread began with inspiration from Terry Tempest Williams who references the Indian teachings of Samkhya in her book Refuge (1991, p. 168), writing:  “If you consciously hold within yourself three quarters of your power and use only one quarter to respond to any communication coming from others, you can stop the automatic, immediate and thoughtless […]

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the in-between spaces. By in-between spaces, I mean those spaces where we aren’t grinding towards some absolute conclusion or rushing to complete this or the other task on our list or agenda. I call them in-between spaces because these moments that likely should frame the bulk of our experiences, have become vestigial in

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Recently I’ve re-read selections from Global Media Literacy in a Digital Age: Teaching Beyond Borders (De Abreu & Yildiz, Eds., 2016)– along with reading Shawn McNiff’s Imagination in Action: Secrets for Unleashing Creative Expression for the first time. Collectively, these texts have offered me a palette of scholarly fodder to connect my work in arts-based research with critical media literacy.

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Visual journaling, Art journaling, Sketchbook, Dream Diary, Vision Book— it doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is that it is yours and that you engage. A visual journal is a physical space where you may enter into an intuitive process of making using images, words, lines, textures, shapes— whatever expression is true for you in a given moment.

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