“We were put into the driver’s seat of our education by creating and constructing according to our own thoughts and ideas.” — Media Literacy Student, Spring 2019

Theresa’s scholarship reflects a hybrid research agenda that attends to the complex intersections of multiple professional fields including: communications, media studies, literacy studies, teacher education, curriculum design, technology integration, and the arts. Across these areas, she seeks to unravel stories about how media and communication technologies impact issues related to teaching, learning, literacy, creativity, sustainability, and human expression. Theresa employs largely qualitative methods, including case studies, action research, self-study, visual methodologies, a/r/tography, and other arts-based research approaches.

​Across her areas of study is a particular emphasis on examining students’ preparation, fluency, and critical thinking in digital environments through creative inquiry and expression.

Currently, Theresa is engaged in research studies related to: expressive inquiry, remix, critical thinking, privacy and data mining, visual methodologies, and ecomedia literacy.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Research Areas in Media Studies
Critical Literacy
Media Literacy (Content, Curriculum, Evaluation)
Digital Literacy
Media Arts
Ecomedia Literacy
Privacy and Data Mining
Visual Methodologies
Arts-based Research

Research Areas in Education
Educational Technology
Instructional Design
Pre-Service Teacher Education
Middle Grades Education
Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK)
Online Learning
Visual Arts
Literacy Studies
Self-Study Methodologies